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Digital Skills Diploma 06 Month & 01 Year “Koha & DSpace”

  This long workshop was planning to provide the best source of implantation of Koha and DSpace Software in all Parliamentary Assemblies Libraries of Pakistan and to make the Union Catalog of all Parliamentary libraries. The key objectives were:

  1. To develop a strategy of advance feature of Koha and DSpace for the IT professionals.
  2. To introduce the LINUX operating system to the IT and library professionals
  3. To acquaint the participants with the installation of Koha & DSpace
  4. Provides tremendous freedom for customization of all modules of LMS including Acquisition, Cataloging, Circulation, OPAC, Membership Management, System, Administration, Serial Control, etc are available
  5. Help participants to develop necessary skills in installation, server and client configuration, system parameter setting, MARC 21 cataloging and DMA (Digital Media Archiving) management
  6. Ability to cope up with any number of Branches, Patrons, Patron Categories, Item Categories, Currencies and other data

Training Outcomes:

 After successful completion of this training the participants will be able to:

  1. This training will enable IT and LIS professional to implement Koha and DSpace in their respective libraries.
  2. Train the trainees in the use of Koha and DSpace Digital Library (GSDL) Software
  3. Deploy / Install Koha & DSpace on your own computer /server Learn basic commands of Linux which may be helpful to use and customize Koha and other FOSS software more effectively Configure / customize Koha and DSpace according to your needs Learn the advanced features of Koha, GSDL and DSpace

Content of the Training Programme “Koha”

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies
  • Module 2 – Introduction to Library Automation
  • Module 2 – Digital Libraries and Open Access
  • Module 4 – Introductions to Linux with Important Commands

  Module 5 – Introduction to LAMP (Linux,   Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl)

  • Module 6 – Koha Architecture
    • Staff Client, User Interface, Core Code, Templates and Design, Intranet
  • Module 7 – Koha Installation, Configurations, <koha Upgradition, Customizations, Live DVDs of FullStack Solation “LIBSOL Complete Library Solation’s.
  • Module 8 – Installations on Server, downloading the DVD, Deployment on Server. PC and Laptop etc.

Module 9-      Setting Global System Preferences Module

Module 10-    Koha Basic Operating Parameters Module

Module 11-    Patron and Circulation Parameters Module

Module 12 –   Catalog Parameters Module

Module 13-    Acquisition parameters Module

  • Module 14 – Koha Circulation module
  • Module 15 – Koha Serials Module
  • Module 16 – Koha Tools   Module
  • Module17 – Koha Reports Module
  • Module 18 – OPAC Module
  • Module19 – Staff Client
  • Module 20 – Backups/ Through command and Manual ,  Koha Support, Data migrations to Koha , Import data to koha, export data from koha , Cron Jobs

Module 21- Digitization of Parliamentary Libraries- ideas and Technologies , Parliamentary research and library services Challenges, Parliamentary Library Clients/Users, Useful Research databases, websites etc., taking the next steps for Parliamentary Libraries:

  • New technology for parliamentary library
  • Digitization, Automations and ICT
  • 21st Century Preliminary library services

Content of the Training Programme DSpace Modules

Module 1       An introduction to DSpace

Module 2       What can DSpace be used for

Module 3       What does DSpace look like

Module 4       Customizing the Dspae item submission

Module 5       Overview of import and export functionally

Module 6       Introductions to community

Module 7       How to create Dspace User

Module 8       Important command of DSpace

Module 9       Backup and Restorations of Dspace

Module 10     Data management and entry of different type of items

Module 11    Instructions to Data Management

Module 12    DSpace Administrator introductions

Module 13     E User Management

Module 14    Introductions to different file and entry

About the Trainer:

 Mr Sher Afzal Khan is a key resource person for Koha and DSpace in Pakistan and organized 86 workshops in Pakistan. He is also the approved trainer of Higher Education Commission Pakistan on Open Source Software and pioneer country Ambassador for Pakistan. He successfully implanted Koha and DSpace in 43 plus organization/Universities within Pakistan. He is also running the official blogs and Facebook page and provides free assistance and gaudiness to koha and DSpace users in Pakistan as well as globally. He also participate activity in kohacon 16 and kohacon 17 conference as speaker and represent Pakistan. He also organized Pakistan Open Sauce Summit in which a large number of people participated.  Free and Open Source Software is his area of expertise/research. He is also the founder of LIBSOL (Complete Library Solution) packages which is available free of cost for everyone. The LIBSOL can be found at the following link:


The link of his blogs and other voluntary Facebook page are as follows:

  1. The Link of Official Blogs of Koha and Dspace Pakistan
    The link of Facebook page for Koha and Dspace Pakistan
  2. https://www.facebook.com/sher.a.yousafzai
  3. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sher-afzal-13647248/
  4. http://opensourcesummit.pk/