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Latest Version of DSpace Live DVD Version 3.2.1” Koha Pakistan

Some of the LIS professional demand to made a separate Live DVD for the traing and learning purpsoe. As we alrady made the koha+DSpace and Only Koha Live DVD but the demand of some professional was to make another DVD only for the DSpace. So keeping in mind the requirement of those professional the Live DVD were made and uploaded for all kind of users.

About the Live DVD: After the 2.0.1 and 3.0.1 versions of LIBSOL live DVDs we are pleased to announce the release of LIBSOL Live DVD version 3.2.1 The current version of LIBSOLDVD contains 16.04.1 LTS LTS, DSpace- latest and Koha latest version with all other required software i.e phpmyadmin, Apache2 Web Server, OpenSSH Server, VSFTP Server, MySQL Server, PostGreSQL Server, Dovecot/Exim4 etc. All these software are pre-configured and pre-installed on a live DVD.  The other main features like Email configuration both Koha and DSpce are already configured and the email will automatically be sent wile issue and receiving of books to Librarian as well as to Library Patrons. The others main functions are added for those librarians who are not acquainted to Linux they can change the banner and others all required thing manually not from command. The root user has been enabling and every librarian can use easily and replace the old version to this latest version of LIBSOL Live DVD. Ubuntu operating system (Lightweight Operating System) is chosen seeing requirements from libraries where libraries have low configuration desktops in their libraries but still wish to initiate their library web sites, complete library automation as well as wish to create digital libraries. We are committed to provide the serveries to LIS community Pakistan for installation, configurations and other library management. Please note the feature and user login Password details as follows:

About Live DVD of DSpace:
DSpace http://localhost:8080/xmlui/
User: DSpace@FullStack
Password: LibsolPak




I offer my sincere gratitude to all my friends. In case I have inadvertently slipped somewhere, I offer my sincere apologies.The ISO image can be downloaded at:

Download link of Live DVD DSpace Only:

Hope it will be useful for everyone!


Sher Afzal Khan 
President and Founder Koha Pakistan
2014 Mortenson Center Associate University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA
Country Ambassador DSpace (MIT USA) for Pakistan
Higher Education Commission Approved Trainer for Open Source “Koha & DSpace